Jeff's Photo Gallery


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Artist in studio making awards
for Porsche Club Great Britain

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Clay of Aston Martin DBR 1/2

KingCarrera.jpg (33993 bytes)
Jeff working on detail, surrounded with research photos of "King Carrera" 2001

Speedster 50th Anniversary
Gamble driving Pebble Beach del Monte Road Race course

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Lucky Photo
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Carrera Speedster (82833) Provenance
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Gamble Special Outlaw
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mvc-005s.jpg (40368 bytes)
Designer Dave Cummins and
panel beater Garth Bowie
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Dad's photo of 16 year old Jeff's first truck (model A Bell Telephone line service truck)

Jeff & family, first sports car races. Minden, Nevada Aug. 1958

Scarab Team at Minden

The "Gamble Special"
1958 Soap Box Derby