The Process

The next step is the work of a professional mold maker, who carefully produces a latex mold of the clay and wax sculpture, which is then covered by a heavier layer of plastic or fiberglass. A new wax model is produced in this mold which Gamble can then finish and perfect.

The process begins with a type of plasticized clay in which a mold is created in the basic shape of the sculptures. To this rudimentary form a special wax is added, blended in its viscosity to hold up in the wide scope of seasonal temperatures common to the Arizona region where Mr. Gamble lives and works. It is to this wax layer that Gamble adds the detail of his piece.

And then it's off to the foundry for the casting in bronze, yielding a series of  sculptures which comprise an "edition." These sculptures are then finished or "chased," a tedious process of fine tuning the cast pieces, filling in little pits and filing off any seams and other marks left by the mold. And finally they are polished to enhance the true color of the bronze.