Story behind the Duel at Avus

Race day in America and Germany!

The Bronze sculpture "Duel at AVUS", American Automotive artist Jeff Gamble captures the powerful moment of the famous German Grand Prix drivers Bernd Rosemeyer in the Auto Union Dueling with Rudolf Caracciola's Mercedes Benz. The steep 43 degree brick banding casting emphasizes the notorious AVUS North Curve.

Historically the Indianapolis 500 has been billed as the "greatest spectacle in racing" was challenged by Germany's special May 30 race at AVUS in Berlin. Going for the same spotlight of attention, Germany staged a race on the traditional Indy 500 Memorial day featuring the mighty Titans of Mercedes and AutoUnion. On the newly constructed high speed brick banking at AVUS autobahn the huge special bodied streamliners reached shattering average speeds of 162 mph before a crowd of over four hundred thousand Berliners.

The sculpture effectively portrays the battle as drivers fought for speed and additional grip on the 43 degree brick banking. The work measures 36" x 22" x 14" and the complete sculpture weighs 85 lbs. Since the race was a see-saw battle, in a unique option, the work is offered with the purchaser's choice of the lead car.

On that same day in 1937, American racing fans were witnessing or were glued to their radio set as Wilbur Shaw won his first Indy 500 at an average speed of 113 mph.

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