Feature Publications

Publication Edition Title of Article
Automotive Fine Arts Society
Pebble Beach 2004 Grand Old Man of Racing
Desert Leaf December 2002 Sculpturing Power and Speed
356 REGISTRY July/August 1998 Porsche in Art
AMOC QUARTERLY Spring 1997 Carroll Shelby Receives "Final Victory at Le Mans" Bronze DBR1 Art Sculpture
PANORAMA November 1996 A Midwest Parade
MOTOR  KLASSIK 4/1995 Duell auf der AVUS
ROAD & TRACK September 1995 Mr. Gamble and the Copperstate 1000
Automotive Fine Arts Society
Pebble Beach 1995 "Indy Reign"
The ARIZONA DAILY STAR April 12, 1994 Reproducing Racers
AFAS QUARTERLY Pebble Beach 1994 Duel at AVUS
356 REGISTRY March/April 1993 Scale Matters
EXCELLENCE April 1993 The Bronze Porsches of Jeff Gamble
CG CAR GRAPHIC October 1993 Jeff Gamble, Automotive Sculptures
Automotive Fine Arts Society
Winter 1993 Gamble Porsche Presentation
MOTOR KLASSIK 3/1992 Auto Union-Skulptur Art Deco
TUCSON MOTOR NEWS May 20, 1992 Jeff Gamble: Local Porsche Artist Gaining Speed
PANORAMA November 1991 Portrait of an Enthusiast
CHRISTOPHORUS July 1991 Jeff Gamble, Art and the Porsche
THE SHELBY AMERICAN #65 Carroll Shelby in Bronze
CHRISTOPHORUS October 1984 1960 Roadster 87009, 2nd Owner ...and the Restoration Years